Get Your Suit And Sneakers!

My name is Ave, I'm from Estonia and I like Sherlock, Doctor Who, Thor, The Avengers and all kinds of books and movies. I sometimes write. Don't be afraid to talk to me - I won't bite... maybe.

I should warn you though... I love Sherlolly and I won't tolerate any hate on it. I love Mary Morstan and I won't tolerate any hate on her. I will protect my opinion, I will rant and I won't stop until there is no more hate.

If you get that, I love you. If you're willing to accept that, I love you. If you can't accept it, I suggest you go as far away from my blog as you can.

I love my followers a lot.

Have a lovely day!!! :*

(I tag my posts as #ave posts and my stories as #writingapple. You can check them out if you're interested.)

(You can also find me roleplaying as Sherlock Holmes under the name of compensating-brains.)

Ask me anything!!!!!


I wish everyone on Tumblr could pitch in like $5, and we will just fucking buy an island somewhere, preferably close to the equator, and we will just all be beautiful people and party all night long. There would be little communities where you live with other hipsters or beach bums or fashionistas or skaters, but we would all still be best friends because no one can judge on Tumblr Island. It will be the perfect place, a Utopia of Tumblr.










…Can we?




right now we haven’t even got enough to buy a small house

57,103 x 5 = $285,515



188,695 x 5 = $943,475

217,239 x 5 = $ 1,086,195

:’) NEED.

264,115 x 5= $1,320,575

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    You know what’s gonna happen with this? eventually yall are gonna raise enough money for some god forsaken reason then...
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